Customer could not print from her mobile device

Posted on 3 August 2022 by in Hardware

Computer Services Resolve Printing Issues, resolved by resetting the Wifi connection, tested the print function, and another happy customer

Client had Start-up Issues with her laptop

Computer Services Troubleshoot Startup Issues Setup Windows on New HDD, supplied Samsung 870 EVO SATA3 2.5″ 1TB SSD 5-year warranty, reinstalled Windows, and copied all her personal data back to the new install

Adata External Drive

Posted on 30 May 2021 by in Hardware

We now have the ADATA range of products, starting with the HD330 1TB External Drive, more items to be added soon

Laptop Screen Issues

A client complained that the screen was not working, we have been able to recreate the issue in the shop. Next step test the drive with a fresh install to test the OS install as it freezes

POS Docket Printer not Printing

Posted on 27 July 2020 by in Hardware

On inspection we found the cutter blade was jammed, solution replace the cutter assembly

PC Upgrade

Posted on 6 June 2017 by in Hardware

Client upgraded to a new PC, 8GB RAM,Gigabyte Mainboard, 250GBSSD, Itel i5 CPU. We used the clients existing Case, DVD, PSU & OS. We installed client software and copied all the personal data from the old drive.