Choosing the right Printer for your Home or Business

Choosing a printer can be a nightmare, there are so many different printers now whether it be a brand Canon Brother HP Oki Epson or type of printer and inkjet printer a multifunction printer a laser printer so let’s cover laser printers first.

A laser printer can come in two forms a mono printer which is black printing only or a colour printer which obviously is colour three main colours black, cyan, yellow, and magenta. The printing process with a laser printer is slightly different from an inkjet printer.

A mechanism places coloured toner or particles on the paper which are magnetised and that creates the bonding with the paper that’s why when you print a document with a laser printer the paper is often a little bit warm to touch but you can touch the print whereas an inkjet printer you have to allow it time to dry which nowadays is milliseconds

Inkjet printers use small cartridges and these are inks and they positioned in the printer to print the different colours or different combinations of ink to give you the quality of print. Keep in mind the more you print on and the more you spend on an inkjet printer the better the quality and the better or the faster the printer is so that’s print speed

A Multifunction printer is a printer that prints copies and scans whether it be as a laser print or an inkjet print and these are the most common printers that are sold these days

One other thing to look at is the cost it might be a cheap printer to buy but it might be that the ink cartridges and the toner cartridges are actually quite expensive to replace so do shop around for printers, do some research work out exactly what you want to use the printer for how often you might use the printer and then look at the ongoing costs of that printer sometimes a laser printer will outweigh the cost of an inkjet printer or a combination of the two examples a mono laser printer for day-to-day printing and maybe a colour inkjet printer to print out any colour documents you might have

Most printers nowadays are Wi-Fi connected which means you go through a connection to your modem router and then you connect your device PC laptop phone to the router which allows you the connection to the printer.