Adding and Removing Software

Installing software is relatively easy you download the file insert the disc run the installation file answer a few questions normally Next, Next, Next door OK, OK, and then finish and you’re all done.

But let’s break that down a little bit more there are two types of software one is Operating Software (OS).  Windows 7, Windows 10, and Windows 11 are operating systems.

And within that Operating System, within that shell, if you want to call it a shell, there is Application Software eg Microsoft Office Windows Explorer Google Chrome Zero MYOB Eset Virus Software these are all application softwares

So you’ve got a new computer and now you want to install some programs as I said very simple most programs will come with either a downloaded file or will come on a disc nowadays most installation programs come as a downloadable link off the Internet.

And that’s basically it, if after installing the software you decide not to want that software on your computer then it’s as simple as searching for Control Panel at the bottom of the screen then going to add remove software or programs and then find your program and then install it