Protecting Yourself from Adware and Spyware Attacks

Adware is computer software that displays advertisements on your PC these are ads that pop up on your display screen or monitor even if you’re not browsing the Internet. Some companies provide free software in exchange for advertising on your display and this is how they make their money

Spyware is software that sends your personal information to a third party without your permission or knowledge this can include information about the websites you visit or something more sinister such as your username and password. Unprincipled companies often use this personal information to send you unsolicited targeted advertisements

Some forms of spyware are even worse and can almost act like viruses, hijacking your web browser popping up ads, or just generally wreaking havoc with your PC by slowing things down or preventing Windows from reading your hard drive

Adware and spyware are a fairly modern scrooge and any web search will reveal how widespread these problems are we suggest using software such as ESET There are alternatives and a number of them but read the reviews, talk to someone about it who knows what they’re talking about a maybe a PC Specialist. This should reduce any issues with getting infected with adware or spyware