Protecting Yourself from Email Attacks

E-mail protection is very important as spam nowadays is a huge business and it is very easy to fall into a trap and you might be part of a scam it might be that someone is just sending random emails to promote their business or it could be an e-mail that has an attachment that will infect your computer but there is no real way of stopping this from happening once your e-mail address has been used at least once it is out there and people can find it

E-mail spoofing has become very common and this is when a person undesirable person will use your e-mail address as the sending e-mail address to promote something in the email there’s no real way of stopping this from happening short of changing your e-mail address or canceling or deleting the e-mail account. You should change your password

A lot of people now use Gmail as their main e-mail address this overcomes a lot of the issues that can come with e-mail but the rule of thumb is that if you don’t recognise who it’s come from don’t open it or if you do open it, open in such a way that it’s not going to do any damage or create any issues for your computer

When you receive an e-mail that prompts you to go to a link, if you were to click on that link in the e-mail it should show that link if it shows something else then you are putting yourself into a difficult situation, they are trying to defraud you at some point they will try to defraud you best to delete the e-mail this includes the company name it includes your library includes your bank a lot of different organisations that use credentials to log in to their sites can be spoofed where the website is copied and they create a bogus URL or website address

There are alternatives you can install virus software that will protect you if you’re using outlook again we support and recommend ESET for doing this and it does it very well but the rule of thumb is if you don’t recognise the e-mail address or it looks at all suspicious delete it and move on