How to Install a new Broadband Router

This section explains how to set up an ADSL 2+ Modem Firewall Router for your computer network in other words a broadband Modem and Router is a single box that connects your multiple computers to the Internet

This also includes Fibre connections, the difference between an ADSL connection and a Fibre connection is that a technician will come and install a small box on the outside of your house, and they will then install a small box on the inside of your house as an installation point and you then connect your broadband router to that small box.

Fortunately, most of the new broadband modem routers are quite easy to set up so you’ll be connected to the Internet in a short amount of time

The exact configuration of each modem router is slightly different but they will all come with an RJ11 telephone lead, this is no longer needed with Fibre, RJ45 Ethernet cable and instructions, and probably a small card that has the Wi-Fi SNID and Wi-Fi password

It is as simple as plugging everything into the power connecting the RJ45 cable to the Fibre connection box on the wall you can, then go to your laptop or PC and do a search for the IP address again this is on the card or on the bottom of the router and then putting in the Wi-Fi password and you should be connected to the Internet

We strongly suggest that you rename the Wi-Fi connection or SNID to something more familiar and also change the password. We suggest that you also keep a note somewhere of the IP address of the Router username and password to get into the router and you should all be up and running